Sunday, November 18, 2007

...Through the Eyes of Leo Tolstoy

Oil, Gold, Batman and Leo Tolstoy

'...Look at the basics. Clearly, the prices for oil and gold are rising. That is the easy observation. But are we witnessing a fundamental transformation in the alignment of all mankind, similar in a way to that observed and described by the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy? Are the prices of these two critical commodities, oil and gold, reflective of the broader themes of war and peace, mankind’s ability to both hate and love, the artificial and the natural, the erotic and the sublime? Where will it all end, and how will it play out? As the prices rise for oil and gold, are we seeing both sides of a clash between the most profound forces of God and nature? In the rising price trends for oil and gold, are we observing two opposing pathways through life? One era is ending, that of cheap energy and strong dollars. Another era is beginning. What era will that be? Yes, our oil and gold-mining stocks go up while the dollar-based world around us grows poorer. Would it not be better for our stocks to go up while the dollar-based world grows richer? Oh, if only it could be so...'

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