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New `Cuba Missiles Crisis' in Europe: Are We Headed Toward World War III?

Source: EIR - Executive Intelligence Review

This article appears in the August 29, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

New `Cuba Missiles Crisis' in Europe:
Are We Headed Toward World War III?

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

This article was translated from German and subheadings added.

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EIR Online for this week's issue...

'Either there is an immediate halt to the imperial geopolitics-driven provocations against Russia—such as the attack on South Ossetia by the British puppet-regime in Georgia, and the U.S.-Polish agreement to station anti-ballistic missile defense systems and a U.S. base in Poland—or the strategic situation could very quickly escalate into a Third World War. Driven by the progressive meltdown of the world financial system, the British Empire faction's drive to encircle Russia and China and force them to capitulate, is playing with fire—a dangerous game of Vabanque, which could result in the destruction of human civilization. This policy, British in origin and carried out with American help, includes a possible military strike against Iran—an option which is by no means "off the table."

Considering the monstrous destruction and horror wrought by the two world wars of the 20th Century, it is truly unfathomable how little public courage our political leaders have shown in the face of this threat—a threat which only an imbecile could fail to recognize. I suppose it's better than nothing, when one politician or another asserts that we shouldn't break off relations with Russia because we still have common security interests, such as with regard to Iran. But, why hasn't a single current or former minister or parliamentarian shown the courage to publicly denounce this strategy of confrontation against Russia and China, and to demand that Germany distance itself from it?

Dmitri Rogozin, the Russian Ambassador to NATO, summed it up when he responded to reporters in Brussels by asking: "Are you ready to risk your prosperity and your lives and the lives of your children for the sake of Saakashvili?" He might as well have referred to the latter by his nickname "Sorosvili," since George Soros, and his business partner at the Quantum Fund hedge fund, Mark Malloch Brown—more recently Lord Malloch-Brown—have been funding every single member of the Georgian government, from the Cabinet level down to the lowest-ranking police officer, to the tune of millions, ever since the so-called Rose Revolution. Shouldn't Germany's BND foreign intelligence agency be capable of recognizing such an obvious operation by the British secret service? This ban on thinking had better be lifted soon, before World War III erupts.

The British Strategy

Georgia's British-inspired aggression was aimed at humiliating Russia, weakening it, isolating it from the West, and driving a wedge, once and for all, between Russia and the United States, in order to destroy the potential for U.S.-Russian cooperation in the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt. The report by the French military secret service DRI, that it was American officers who had been active in the bombardment, and that it was American military advisors who had been embedded in the Georgian Army in aiming the "Grad" multiple rocket launchers, is only apparently contradictory: The paradox disappears, once we consider H.G. Wells' theory that the United States must become permeated with British-imperial doctrine...'

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