Monday, March 10, 2008

"So, what is happening with regard to our Economy?"

Economicrot (blog)

"Final US Economic End-Game

...Though I’ve been talking about it since 05 (and many early on considered me a knucklehead for my non-conformist viewpoint), I think it is now becoming common knowledge that the largest speculative bubble in our world’s history (housing bubble) has popped and its reverberations are being felt across the globe:

Hedge funds are collapsing, bank write-downs are growing, toxic waste marked-to-model Commercial Paper (CP) sitting in off-balance sheets cannot be offloaded, credit markets are completely locked up, home foreclosures (the catalyst to all these problems) are growing, consumer spending (70% of our economy) is waning, consumer inflation is raging, construction spending is down, the dollar is falling off a cliff, job losses are increasing, state revenue is falling—many are slashing budgets, and the list goes on…

The Fed and our Plunge Protection Team (PPT) understand that deflation is taking hold and they are operating in emergency mode... In a brazen attempt to prevent a collapse of the entire banking/financial systems (and hence the US Economy) “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke has officially sacrificed the dollar in the hopes of printing/inflating our way out of this financial mess -- to prevent an economic depression.

Take a look at the US dollar chart below -– NEVER in our country’s history has the US Dollar been weaker. Why so low? Our policymakers are covertly demanding a weak dollar..."

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