Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Shock of a Thousand Trillions - by The Mogambo Guru

Source: Safe Haven

imagine my horror when I learned that there was no error! We are talking about a
quadrillion freaking dollars! Instantly I knew that she was doing that on
purpose to give me a heart attack!"

"A joke that does not make fun
of people so damned stupid that they have no clue of what the last 4,000 years
of economics and gold says about why they should be buying gold with both
hands with every penny at
their disposal

Now, things are so bad that a reader at Felix Salmon's
Market Movers blog is moved to darkly say, "Gold is for optimists. I'm
diversifying into canned goods." Hahaha!
Gold is for



Chrysotheras said...

Great stuff...
I just love The Guru!

P.S. I also like your new avatar, it's so ...appropriate!

The Apprentice said...

I am a big fun of Mogambo...

He surely is the "angriest guy in economics"!